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Hey guys, I know nothing about editing wiki, so I am just going to leave here some info I got from the book right now and hopefully someone will add this to the actual page.

- Water does not extinguish wildfire. - It seeps into clay. For protection purposes, the Alchemists put the old, wildfire-soaked clay jars in a vault full of water to avoid explosion. - The red priest Toros, of Myr, who fought in the Hand's Torney with a Fire Sword used wildfire. - A Thin layer of wildfire will last as long as 1 hour. - The wildfire jars are created in a series of bare stone cell. Over each cell lies a room filled with sand and a "spell" on the floor so that should anything happen, the sand will fall on the fire and help it extinguish.

The information was gathered from chapter 20, Tyrio, on A Clash of Kings.



There you go, its been added. Thanks for the info. Had not got around to A Clash of Kings yet, those little bits really flesh out that article. If you want, just go around to any page, add bits of info and I'll add the links later.


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