Tansy (innkeep)

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Allegiance the Peach
Culture Rivermen

Tansy is an innkeep at the Peach, a brothel in Stoney Sept.


Tansy is a large-breasted redhead. She enjoys teasing and has a throaty chuckle.[1]

Recent Events

A Storm of Swords

Tansy greets Greenbeard, Lem, and Anguy when they arrive at the Peach. She makes fun of Gendry when he appears. Tansy is abed with Greenbeard when the Mad Huntsman returns to Stoney Sept with the captured Sandor Clegane.[1][2]


There's never been no lack o' beds at the Peach. But you'll all climb in a tub first. Last time you lot stayed under my roof you left your fleas behind.[1]