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This template is used to add reference sources from the novels, short stories, for this purpose it is used just like the Wikipedia <ref> tag, only using standardised format, grouping references to the same source, to avoid excessive long reference list spam.


Use the following codes to reference the respective work:

A Song of Ice and Fire
agot A Game of Thrones
acok A Clash of Kings
asos A Storm of Swords
affc A Feast for Crows
adwd A Dance with Dragons
twow The Winds of Winter
ados A Dream of Spring
Tales of Dunk and Egg
thk The Hedge Knight
tss The Sworn Sword
tmk The Mystery Knight
akotsk A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms
Other novellas
trp The Rogue Prince
tpatq The Princess and the Queen
tsotd The Sons of the Dragon
History and geography books
tloiaf The Lands of Ice and Fire
twoiaf The World of Ice and Fire
fab Fire & Blood
trotd The Rise of the Dragon
Semi-canon sources
awoiaf A World of Ice and Fire (mobile app)
ssm So Spake Martin
rpg|greenronin A Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying
rpg|guardiansorder A Game of Thrones: d20-based Open Gaming RPG
tt Game of Thrones - A Telltale Games Series
HBO shows
hbogot Game of Thrones
hbohotd House of the Dragon
hboakotsk A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms: The Hedge Knight


A Song of Ice and Fire
{{Ref|aGoT|15}} A Game of Thrones, Chapter 15, Sansa I.
{{Ref|aDwD|15}} A Dance with Dragons, Chapter 15, Davos II.
{{Ref|aDwD|prologue}} A Dance with Dragons, Prologue.
{{Ref|aDwD|0}} A Dance with Dragons, Prologue.
Tales of Dunk and Egg
{{Ref|THK}} The Hedge Knight.
{{Ref|TMK}} The Mystery Knight.
History books
{{Ref|TWOIAF|8|2|5}} The World of Ice & Fire, Beyond the Sunset Kingdom: The Free Cities (Pentos).
{{Ref|FaB|19}} Fire & Blood, Aftermath - The Hour of the Wolf.
{{Ref|trotd|2|1|3}} The Rise of the Dragon, The Conquest: The Seven Kingdoms (The Reach).
Semi-canon sources
{{Ref|ssm|905}} So Spake Martin: Targaryen Ages (October 23, 1998).
TV adaptations
{{Ref|HboGoT|s01e02}} Game of Thrones, Season 1, "The Kingsroad".
{{Ref|HboGoT|s02e03}} Game of Thrones, Season 2, "What Is Dead May Never Die".
{{Ref|HboHotD|s01e01}} House of the Dragon, Season 1, "The Heirs of the Dragon".
{{Ref|HboAKotSK|s01e01}} A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms: The Hedge Knight, Season 1, Episode 1.
Role-playing games
{{Ref|rpg|greenronin}} A Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying.
{{Ref|rpg|guardiansorder}} A Game of Thrones: d20-based Open Gaming RPG.
Game of Thrones - A Telltale Games Series
{{Ref|TT|1}} Game of Thrones - A Telltale Games Series, "Iron From Ice".
  • You can add an extra parameter as free text, which can be used to add the specific page for the reference: {{Ref|Book|chapter number|p. 233}}. For consistency sake, the page should only of the marked version we use on the pages table.
  • Note that all the book names were made case insensitive to avoid typos, thus it doesn't matter if you type AGOT, AgOT, agot, etc.

Chapter lists

As a quick reference, you can find below the chapter and section numbers for some books.

Fire & Blood

  1. Aegon's Conquest
  2. Reign of the Dragon - The Wars of King Aegon I
  3. Three Heads Had the Dragon - Governance Under King Aegon I
  4. The Sons of the Dragon
  5. Prince into King - The Ascension of Jaehaerys I
  6. The Year of the Three Brides - 49 AC
  7. A Surfeit of Rulers
  8. A Time of Testing - The Realm Remade
  9. Birth, Death, and Betrayal Under King Jaehaerys I
  10. Jaehaerys and Alysanne - Their Triumphs and Tragedies
  11. The Long Reign - Jaehaerys and Alysanne: Policy, Progeny, and Pain
  12. Heirs of the Dragon - A Question of Succession
  13. The Dying of the Dragons - The Blacks and the Greens
  14. The Dying of the Dragons - A Son for a Son
  15. The Dying of the Dragons - The Red Dragon and the Gold
  16. The Dying of the Dragons - Rhaenyra Triumphant
  17. The Dying of the Dragons - Rhaenyra Overthrown
  18. The Dying of the Dragons - The Short, Sad Reign of Aegon II
  19. Aftermath - The Hour of the Wolf
  20. Under the Regents - The Hooded Hand
  21. Under the Regents - War and Peace and Cattle Shows
  22. Under the Regents - The Voyage of Alyn Oakenfist
  23. The Lysene Spring and the End of Regency
  24. Lineages and Family Tree
  25. A Conversation Between George R. R. Martin and Dan Jones

The World of Ice & Fire

  1. Preface
  2. Ancient History
    1. The Dawn Age
    2. The Coming of the First Men
    3. The Age of Heroes
    4. The Long Night
    5. The Rise of Valyria
    6. Valyria's Children
    7. The Arrival of the Andals
    8. Ten Thousand Ships
    9. The Doom of Valyria
  3. The Reign of the Dragons
    1. The Conquest
  4. The Targaryen Kings
    1. Aegon I
    2. Aenys I
    3. Maegor I
    4. Jaehaerys I
    5. Viserys I
    6. Aegon II
    7. Aegon III
    8. Daeron I
    9. Baelor I
    10. Viserys II
    11. Aegon IV
    12. Daeron II
    13. Aerys I
    14. Maekar I
    15. Aegon V
    16. Jaehaerys II
    17. Aerys II
  5. The Fall of the Dragons
    1. The Year of the False Spring
    2. Robert's Rebellion
    3. The End
  6. The Glorious Reign
  7. The Seven Kingdoms
    1. The North
      1. The Kings of Winter
      2. The Mountain Clans
      3. The Stoneborn of Skagos
      4. The Crannogmen of the Neck
      5. The Lords of Winterfell
      6. Winterfell
    2. The Wall and Beyond
      1. The Night's Watch
      2. The Wildlings
    3. The Riverlands
      1. House Tully
      2. Riverrun
    4. The Vale
      1. House Arryn
      2. The Eyrie
    5. The Iron Islands
      1. Driftwood Crowns
      2. The Iron Kings
      3. The Black Blood
      4. The Greyjoys of Pyke
      5. The Red Kraken
      6. The Old Way and the New
      7. Pyke
    6. The Westerlands
      1. House Lannister Under the Dragons
      2. Casterly Rock
    7. The Reach
      1. Garth Greenhand
      2. The Gardener Kings
      3. Andals in the Reach
      4. Oldtown
      5. House Tyrell
      6. Highgarden
    8. The Stormlands
      1. The Coming of the First Men
      2. House Durrandon
      3. Andals in the Stormlands
      4. House Baratheon
      5. The Men of the Stormlands
      6. Storm's End
    9. Dorne
      1. The Breaking
      2. Kingdoms of the First Men
      3. The Andals Arrive
      4. The Coming of the Rhoynar
      5. Queer Customs of the South
      6. Dorne Against the Dragons
      7. Sunspear
  8. Beyond the Sunset Kingdom
    1. Other Lands
    2. The Free Cities
      1. Lorath
      2. Norvos
      3. Qohor
      4. The Quarrelsome Daughters: Myr, Lys, and Tyrosh
      5. Pentos
      6. Volantis
      7. Braavos
    3. Beyond the Free Cities
      1. The Summer Isles
      2. Naath
      3. The Basilisk Isles
      4. Sothoryos
      5. The Grasslands
      6. The Shivering Sea
      7. Ib
      8. East of Ib
    4. The Bones and Beyond
      1. Yi Ti
      2. The Plains of the Jogos Nhai
      3. Leng
      4. Asshai-by-the-Shadow
  9. Afterword"
  10. Appendix
    1. Targaryen Lineage
    2. Stark Lineage
    3. Lannister Lineage
    4. Reign of the Kings
  11. Art Credits

The Rise of the Dragon

  1. Preface
  2. The Conquest
    1. The Seven Kingdoms
      1. The Stormlands
      2. The Kingdom of the Isles and the Rivers
      3. The Reach
      4. The Westerlands
      5. The Vale
      6. The North
      7. Dorne
    2. The Arrival of the Targaryens
    3. Aegon's Landing and Conquest
  3. The Reign of Aegon I
    1. The Dragon's Wars
    2. The Dragon's Governance
    3. The Dragon's Kin
  4. The Reign of Aenys I
    1. Ascension and Rebellion
    2. Royal Tensions
  5. The Reign of Maegor I
    1. Bloody Coronation
    2. War with the Faith Militant
    3. Death in the Royal House
    4. The Black Brides
  6. The Reign of Jaehaerys I
    1. The Regency
    2. The Early Reign
    3. The King's Works
    4. The Later Reign
  7. The Reign of Viserys I
    1. Apex of Power
    2. The Seeds of War
  8. The Reign of Aegon II
    1. The Dance of the Dragons
    2. The Death of Dragons
  9. The Regency of Aegon III
    1. The Council of Regents
    2. War and Peace
    3. Conspiracies
  10. Targaryen Lineage
  11. Index
  12. Art Credits

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