Torgold Tollett

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House Tollett.svgTorgold Tollett
the Grim
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Torgold Tollett as depicted in Game of Thrones: Histories & Lore.

Alias Torgold the Grim
Allegiance House Tollett
Race Andal
Culture Andal
Died Giant's Lance
Book The World of Ice & Fire (mentioned)

Torgold Tollett, called Torgold the Grim, was an Andal warrior from House Tollett that lived during the Andal invasion.[1]

Appearance and Character

Torgold was ironically called "the Grim" because he rode into battle laughing and naked above the waist. Tollett was a giant of a man who sported a seven-pointed star carved across his chest and fought with an axe on each hand. Songs about him say he knew no fear and felt no pain.[1]


He was one of the many Andal warriors that gathered round Ser Artys Arryn and fought under his leadership at the Battle of Seven Stars. According to accounts, though bleeding from a score of wounds, he fought through Lord Redfort's strongest warriors and look the lord's arm with a single cut. He also slew Ursula Upcliff, barehandedly tearing her head off.[1]

He was slain by King Robar II Royce. King Robar slashed at his head with Lady Forlorn. Tollett grabbed for the blade, laughing, but the sword sliced through his hands and buried itself in his skull. According to song he died choking on his last laugh.[1]