Volon Therys

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Volon Therys
Location Free Cities region, Essos
Government Triarchs of Volantis
Founded by the Valyrian Freehold
Volon Therys is located in Free Cities
Volon Therys
Western Essos and the location of Volon Therys

Volon Therys is a walled Volantene town in Essos on the west bank of the Rhoyne. Almost directly across the river to the east lies the ruined Rhoynar city Sar Mell. To the north is Valysar, the Orange Shore is to the west, and Volantis is to the south along the Rhoyne.[1]


Although it is larger than the cities of King's Landing and Oldtown in Westeros, Volon Therys is considered a town.[2] It has high white walls and a long, chaotic riverfront,[3] which handles timber shipped from Qohor.[4]


Once considered a city,[5] Volon Therys was founded by the Valyrian Freehold when it expanded west after defeating the Old Empire of Ghis.[6] Although rich and glorious, Volon Therys did not have self-rule and was instead governed by men and women sent from Valyria to rule in the name of the Freehold.[5]

Volon Therys was involved with the Rhoynish Wars, and half the city was washed away when the Rhoynar used water magic during the First Turtle War.[6] During the Second Spice War, Volon Therys faced the host of the Rhoynish prince Garin the Great. The Valyrians numbered one hunded thousand and had three dragonlords, but the Rhoynish troops were protected by their water wizards. Rhoynish archers managed to kill two dragons and drive away the third. The Valyrians lost the battle and Volon Therys was again flooded.[6]

The town has been under the authority of Volantis since the Century of Blood, the years of expansion under the tigers.[2]

After the death of his father Lysandro in 135 AC, Lysaro Rogare fled Lys, but was captured in Volon Therys and returned to the city, where he was scourged to death.[7]

Recent Events

A Dance with Dragons

The Golden Company encamps three miles south of Volon Therys due to Triarch Malaquo coming north with five thousand foot and a thousand horse to cut the sellswords off from the delta road to Volantis.[3] With the khalasar of Khal Pono having been spotted east of the Rhoyne near the headwaters of the Selhoru,[8] many of the townspeople flee on horseback.[3]

The Shy Maid ties up in one of the meaner sections of the riverfront. Haldon purchases three horses, which are not the best horseflesh. Griff, Haldon, and Young Griff ride the horses south to the Golden Company's camp.[3] Many captains in Volantis race upriver to Volon Therys to offer their ships to Jon Connington.[9] Ten thousand men eventually sail from Volon Therys with their weapons, horses, and elephants.[10]

Chapters that take place at Volon Therys


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