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Walano is the northernmost of the major islands in the Summer Islands.

Walano is located in The Known World
Location of Walano in the known world


On its southern coast are the city of Lotus Port and the town of Tall Trees Town, while on its northern coast is the town of Last Lament. It is located in the Summer Sea. To the south of Walano are the smaller islands of Koj and the Isle of Birds in the Smiling Sea. To the north are the smaller islands of Stone Head and the Isle of Women.[1]


Walano was the site of the first recorded contact between the Summer Isles and the wider world. A merchant ship of the Ghiscari Empire was blown of course by a storm and made landfall on Walano. The ship fled when its crew reacted with terror at the first sight of the local inhabitants, whom the Ghiscari mistook for demons burned black by the fires of hell. Thereafter Ghiscari sailors took care to stay away from the "Demon Isle".[2]


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