Willam Stafford

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Willam Stafford
  • The Drunken Knight
  • The Keg o' Ale
Title Ser
Culture Westerosi

Willam Stafford, known as the Drunken Knight and the Keg o' Ale, was a knight during the reign of King Jaehaerys I Targaryen.[1]

Appearance and Character

Willam Stafford was a short and stout man, with a large belly and a fondness for drinking. He always appeared intoxicated, to the point where it was considered a wonder that he was able to stand and fight.[1]

By 55 AC, Willam was considered old.[2]


Willam participated in the War for the White Cloaks in 49 AC during the wedding of Queen Regent Alyssa Velaryon and Lord Rogar Baratheon, hoping to win one of the vacant places in the Kingsguard. Willam quickly became a favorite of the smallfolk, who started calling him "the Keg o' Ale" and would sing the "Hail, Hail Keg o' Ale" whenever he took the field. In the end did not win a white cloak.[1]

In 55 AC, Willam participated in the tourney held to celebrate the completion of the Dragonpit, to the joy of the smallfolk. When he fell, he was replaced as a favorite of the commoners by Ser Harys Hogg.[2]


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