Regnar Drumm

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Regnar Drumm
Biographical Information
Full Name Regnar Drumm
Alias Raven-feeder
Titles High King of the Iron Islands
Rock king of Old Wyk
Culture Ironborn
Royal House House Drumm
Predecessor Erich I Greyiron
Books The World of Ice and Fire (mentioned)

Regnar Drumm, known as Raven-feeder, was a High King of the Iron Islands from House Drumm. He was the sucessor of Erich I Greyiron.


Regnar was chosen at a kingsmoot after Erich I Greyiron was cast down from power. Erich I had unlawfully seized the crown of his father, Urras Greyiron, upon his death and declared himself High King, despite the command that kings may only be made by kingsmoot.[1]

References and Notes

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